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MEDIA & Entertainment

Increase the value of your facility by providing an enhanced lifestyle to your tenants. GTS can integrate audio and visual systems into an apartment that are simple for the staff to control, and the tenants. Whether you need TVs in the fitness room or audio by the pool, Genius Technology Systems has the perfect solution to fit your needs and wants.
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Samsung LYNK ClOud

LYNK REACH CLOUD is Samsung's content management solution for hospitality televisions. LYNK CLOUD allows guest information, hotel information, weather, and more to be displayed on a guest's television. LYNK CLOUD sets your hotel apart and creates a memorable experience for all your guests. 


When you have hundreds of people in and out of your facility every day, keeping an eye out for all of your tenant's safety is hugely important. GTS can integrate a surveillance system to allow your management staff to monitor and replay footage of crucial events. Tenants look for an apartment that is safe, and secure, and this is the perfect way to show your tenants that you care about their safety.
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Networking & I.T.

A robust network is critical to guest satisfaction in hotels. GTS is experienced in designing and implementing networks that work. Our team will integrate a high-performance Wi-Fi system backed by a high-speed and secure infrastructure backbone. We are also able to generate recurring revenue for apartment building owners by implementing resident networks that are managed by Genius Technology Systems.

ACcess Control

Tired of tenants losing keys? Do you need an easier way to manage your maintenance staff's keys? Electronic access control from Genius Technology Systems is the perfect solution to your issue. We can install secure access systems to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to access your property. This lowers the risks of vandalism, and theft, and keeps your tenants safe.

Environmental Protection

Have you ever had a pipe burst in your building? A tenant leaves their unit with a sink still running? GTS has a whole building water monitoring system that can alert your management staff immediately if there is water detection, and inform them of where the issue is occurring. These systems can be integrated during construction or retrofit. An environmental protection system will save you thousands, if not more when it detects an issue that could be detrimental to your building.


Genius Technology System is a Grandstream certified partner and is able to carry out the design and installation of VoIP phone systems for office and hospitality applications. Grandstream hotel phones are regarded as one of the best in hospitality communication systems, and with GTS as your integration partner, you can be confident your phone system will be reliable and simplistic for the user. 
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