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Set the perfect mood in your restaurant. Genius Technology Systems can integrate an audio and video system that fits the style of your space. Whether you have a sports bar or a fine dining establishment, we have solutions for you. Your entire system will function with ease, allowing all of your staff to control the volume, change the channel, switch the song, and more, all from one touchscreen display.


Do you want to keep your customers in your store longer? An audio system playing their favorite music is sure to keep them browsing. Genius Technology Systems can integrate solutions to help you manage all of the AV and Security technology you may need in your retail environment, all from one simple-to-use platform.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is the perfect way to inform your customers of deals, new products, and more. Genius Technology Systems is able to design and install a simple-to-use signage system, that will be impactful on your customers. Digital signage helps to drive increased revenue and customer retention. 
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