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Our Process



When you call Genius Technology Systems, the first step toward your new system is meeting with one of our designers. We will come to your home or business to sit down and discuss your need, wants, design constraints, and budget. Our designers will assist to point you toward making certain decisions based on their real-life experience. 



This is the second most exciting part of your installation, of course, second to when we show you the finished product. During the design phase, the designers from your consultation will sit down and engineer a system that will work for you. They then meet with you to make revisions and choices related to the look and feel of the system. The designer handles all of the behind-the-scenes technical equipment, and you focus on things you will see, such as screen sizes, interface design, equipment color, and more.


Project Management

When we are integrating larger systems, it becomes a complex task to organize the project. A large system requires coordination with builders, other contractors, electricians, and more. Our staff will take the contact information of your builder, or of the contractors we will be working with, and we handle everything from that point. This makes the installation process effortless for you.



This is the most exciting part of your project! We are typically the last contractors in your home or business during any building or renovation projects. Our team will install all of your equipment, and program the system to suit your needs. We will then have your designer or the lead technician for your project give you a full walk-through of your system. You can choose if you only want to learn about the day-to-day use of your system, or if you would like the designer to walk you through all of the technical aspects as well.



Our team is always ready to support you with any issues you may have after installation. It is important for you to remember that these systems are very complex, and often require general maintenance, just like your car (but not nearly as often). Our team is often able to resolve most issues over the phone utilizing our remote management system, however, if they cannot solve your issues, a technician will be sent to your location as soon as possible to make any advanced corrections and repairs.

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